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Olympia Hoops LLC is an organization that provides various services to the community. These services are provided by Olympia Scott, the first player in history to win 2 WNBA Championships with 2 different teams, a Stanford grad, a published author, motivational speaker, life coach and proud mother. Olympia provides these services as a means to connect with the community on a whole as well as on the individual level. Her goal is to help others to achieve their dreams, to pursue their passion and to understand their intrinsic value, thus inspiring true joy and inner peace and a sense of accomplishment. Because she is a well-rounded person, she has a varied approach in this goal.

Basketball is a large part of her life, a blessing and a vehicle that has taken her far, so she is using this gift to give to others who have a passion for hoops as well. As with any endeavor, you have to sharpen your skills in your pursuit of excellence, and she enjoys assisting others in doing just that. For more info on my private basketball sessions Read More

Olympia provides life coaching services for those who have a passion for life in general, or maybe are trying to find their passion.

She and her mother, Jacqueline Parker Scott, Ed.D., MBA, provide parenting seminars, workshops, online classes and books through Super Parenting LLC, a premier parenting education company they co-founded in 2003.

Olympia also makes public appearances, does motivational speaking and seminars and provides mentoring for youth and adults alike.

For informati interracial porn on on any of these services or to book her, you may follow the links or contact her directly by completing the following form.


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