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I figured since I just wrote about my packing problem when I come overseas, and how I found myself in ‘sweater heaven’ on This Next, I might as well talk about my love of winter coats. I love them, but I can never really wear them, because coats are large, and I can only bring so much with me when I come over here. A nice fashionable wool winter coat isn’t one of the items that makes the list. But believe me, that doesn’t stop me from loving them. I have a few nice pieces that are sitting in storage, waiting for me to pop the tags. I can’t wait either, but I guess dressing ‘fab’ in the winter time is another lifetime away. My ‘after life’. That’s--after basketball life. After I’m done playing basketball I can rock all the coats and boots and sweaters that have been neglected over the years. I just hope they’re still in style. My summer clothes get mad love in the club because I’m in the states and making several appearances during my WNBA season where I need to look professional and presentable. But my winter gear, just collecting dust.


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The Problem:

As of late, whenever I go overseas to play I don’t bring many nice outfits. I guess I’ve realized over the years that I was packing things to wear that I never wore. I already have way too many things to bring when packing for a 6 to 7 month road trip.

  1. Drying Rack I’m packing hoop gear for practice, in the event that the team doesn’t provide enough to wear. This is crucial because Europe is known for not having dryers in the home, washers, yes, dryers, no. That’s a luxury item that most teams aren’t purchasing their players. Instead, get your clothespins out, because laundry is hung out to dry on the clothesline on the balcony or on a drying rack. Or on the radiators in the house if you’re in a hurry. A side note, I have a dryer this year. It’s an all-in-one washer/dryer. Very nice, except I shrunk everything because there’s no heat setting, only a timer. Trust me when I tell you Rock (my fiancé) wasn’t happy with that! Let’s just say he has a few more workout shirts than when we first arrived. LOL Read more...

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