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Stanford Hall of Fame

On Friday, October 4, 2013, I was bestowed the humbling honor of being inducted along with 7 others (Lauren Fleshman, Jeffrey Hammonds, Keith Jones, Glyn Milburn, Anthony Mosse, Logan Tom and Brenda Villa), into the Stanford University Athletic Hall of Fame. The event was such an amazing affair, in an amazing venue, on an amazing campus with all of the inductees’ closest relatives, coaches, teammates, colleagues and friends. I hadn’t been back on campus since I graduated, so the nostalgia was overwhelming. Just exiting Embarcadero Road from the South 101 freeway brought back memories of my many exploits in the bay area.


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Today is Mother's Day, and although it's already 8 pm in my part of the world, I still felt compelled to write something for the holiday. This isn't the rudimentary Happy Mother's Day post. Instead, this is a very personal story about a sequence of events that occurred a couple of days ago.

mother-and-baby-clipartI was contacted by a young female basketball player interested in having me train her. She inquired about my prices and how to go about scheduling sessions, and I gave her my website link and phone number to call me. In case she was nervous or shy about calling me herself, I offered the option to have her mother call. That's when the first bomb dropped. She wrote back that her mother was dead. I immediately felt terrible because I had met her mother last year along with her younger sister and didn't even consider the possibility that she was no longer with us. Further conversation led me to discover that both of her parents recently passed away in a car accident.

Upon hearing this, I was immediately consumed with grief. I held back tears until a coworker asked if I was OK. Then the tears started to flow. Why was I crying? I wasn't close with this young woman. I had only spoken with her a couple of times before.


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Thanks Title IX! It's a new day in sports when women can represent their countries in record numbers in the Olympics. I personally loved the Olympics ever since I was a kid because I was born the day of the closing ceremonies of the Montreal summer Olympics. I was also a big baby, go figure. That interest in the Olympics was only fostered when the games came to Los Angeles in 1984. The men's marathon ran on the Marina Freeway right by my house, so we sat on a hill and watched it live. It was so exciting.

The Olympics are starting up tomorrow, and I can't wait!

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Yesterday, 6/4/12 at 6:11 am, I gave birth to my second child, Rachman Rashid Crable Jr.

At 10 lbs 3 oz and 21 inches long he is already taking after both Rock and I. He is so cute and precious, we love him so much!

Now, many of you understand why I've been completely missing in action. I've been busy gestating this big bundle of joy along with adjusting to retired life in Sioux Falls, SD where Rock took a football coaching position at Augustana College and plays arena football for the Sioux Falls Storm.

BreAzia has already embraced her role as the helpful big sister and we are all so excited about how our lives have changed for the better.

Although I mentioned that I've retired from basketball, my professional life has really just begun. Of course my career is on hold for a short moment, but I will update with the intriguing details of my new endeavors ASAP.

Thanks for sharing in such a joyous moment for my family.

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I love this, and I live it! I hope we all learn to. I say this because many times the issues we face, or the drama we incur has to do with people not knowing their own power. Not letting their light shine, or not wanting others to let their light shine. If we all knew how powerful we really are, we would encourage one another's light, not dim it.

Blog - Mobile Updates

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