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Super Parenting Raising the Next Generation

Co-authored with my mother.

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As I have already begun what I like to call my "after life", as in after basketball life, I have the honor and privilege of working alongside my mother as co-founder and President & CEO of Super Parenting LLC a premier parenting education company. We assist parents in reclaiming their children from the world as well as control of their households through parenting education and a parenting philosophy and oath that reminds parents of a tangible way to do so. By teaching parents to be SENSITIVE, UNDERSTANDING, POSITIVE, EFFECTIVE and RESPONSIBLE in Raising the Next Generation, we are bringing harmony back into many households as well as empowering parents to be the backbones of their homes, as is needed today.

I am proud to announce, SUPER Parenting: Raising the Next Generation, our first book.This vital work in the area of parenting and families serves as a blueprint for parents to understand how to go about raising good kids in this day and age. For more information and a preview of the book, vist the Super Parenting Social Network.

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